Game of Masks – in engleza

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Game of Masks is a very good tool for awareness, connection, self-knowledge and relationship.
Each card has questions designed to take you out of your comfort zone, challenge you, make you think more deeply about yourself and your life.


What does this game aim for?

To facilitate your self-knowledge so that you can discover your UNIQUENESS through your personal development.

How does the game facilitate your personal development?

By increasing awareness, discovering other perspectives, becoming aware of the difference between minds, ego, behaviors taken from others, beliefs that have been instilled in you, on the one hand, and your Being, on the other hand … Your uniqueness.

How did this game come about?

From the information and knowledge, I gained and applied in my personal development, from the courses and seminars I attended, from the books I read and thanks to the mentors I worked with. This work with myself has brought me extraordinary results that I want to pass on through this interactive game.

Game of Masks can be played almost anywhere: at home, on a terrace, in team-buildings or on vacation, in larger or smaller groups, in communities or companies, in schools or in coaching groups. The game brings with it, through the involvement of the participants, a dose of clarification in their personal life.

To give you added value, I have created a workbook so that this game can be played and used as a personal coaching tool even by a single person.

The more you use this game in different groups, the faster you will understand it and benefit from its secrets. You will be pleasantly surprised when you notice that you will have different answers to the same questions with the passing of time, practically marking your personal growth, clarity in thinking and practice.

ATTENTION !!! Change, without desire, action and practice, does not exist!
We want you to have as many AHAs as possible and to change your life the way you want, because you deserve to enjoy its beauties.

What would it be like to do this by playing?
Have I made you curious?

In addition, you will discover at least 10 more benefits of the game:
1. quality discussions are created through the game
2. you will have multiple revelations, many AHAs, which are beneficial
3. you will realize how unique and brilliant you are
4. and you will see the geniality of others
5. you will bring value to others through your way of being, of seeing life
6. you have the chance to help others grow and develop
7. you create new relationships
8. meet new people
9. you have the chance to know the people around you in a much deeper way
10. You re-evaluate your way of thinking and the way you see life

Bonus a Workbook in which you can find all the questions and quotes so that you can work more easily with yourself.

Games of Masks is a very powerful personal development tool that facilitates your growth in a creative and fun way.
It is effective in self-knowledge and relational. It will help you discover new perspectives and get rid of limiting beliefs.

The game has 64 cards divided into 8 categories: Relationships, Health, Spirituality/Personal Development, Family, Limiting Beliefs, Career, Money/Prosperity, Hobbies/Leisure.

Each card has questions designed to take you out of your comfort zone, to challenge you, to make you think more deeply about yourself and your life, to create moments of connection and beautiful memories whenever it is played.
It is the ideal gift for you, but also for your friends.


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